TechCrunch’s Guide to Creating VC FOMO 

Delivering an awesome pitch that hits home with potential investors or partners takes patience and practice. And in today’s virtual world, making those important connections over a virtual call doesn’t come easy for everyone. So, TechCrunch put together a guide for founders looking to clearly communicate to investors over Zoom, a Google Meet, or at virtual events like TC Disrupt

We know you know that you have a very short period of time to articulate your company’s unique selling point. And we know what investors are listening for. 

From elevator pitching, to creating memorable pitch decks, this guide has you covered. TechCrunch created a comprehensive pitch toolkit that can benefit any early-stage founder, regardless of industry or vertical. If you want to convince VC’s to continue the conversation after an initial video call, you’ll definitely want to download the free guide below.

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