Here are your Winners:

Best Technology Achievement
Siri (Winner)
Lytro (Runner Up)

Best Social Application
Google+ (Winner)
Instagram (Runner Up)

Best Shopping Application
Fab (Winner)
Warby Parker (Runner Up)

Best Mobile Application
Evernote (Winner)
Flipboard (Runner Up)

Best Location Application
Grindr (Winner)
RunKeeper (Runner Up)

Best Tablet Application
Fotopedia (Winner)
Netflix (Runner Up)

Best Design
Path 2.0  (Winner)
Pinterest (Runner Up)

Best Bootstrapped Startup 
Imgur (Winner)
Github (Runner Up)

Best Cloud Service
Dropbox (Winner)
Box (Runner Up)

Best International Startup
Peixe Urbano (Winner)
Klarna (Runner Up)

Best Clean Tech Startup
EcoATM (Winner)
Array Power (Runner Up)

Best New Device
Nest (Winner)
Kindle Fire (Runner Up)

Best Time Sink
Words With Friends (Winner)
Skyrim (Runner Up)

Biggest Social Impact
Twitter (Winner)
Charity: Water (Runner Up)

Angel of the Year
Reid Hoffman (Winner)
Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi (Runner Up)

VC of the Year
Marc Andreessen & Ben Horowitz (Winner)
Matt Cohler (Runner Up)

Founder of the Year
Jack Dorsey (Square, Twitter) (Winner)
Drew Houston (Dropbox) (Runner Up)

CEO of the Year
Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn) (Winner)
Daniel Ek (Spotify) (Runner Up)

Best New Startup of 2011
Pinterest (Winner)
Codecademy (Runner Up)

Best Overall Startup of 2011
Dropbox (Winner)
Square (Runner Up)

Thanks to everyone who watched, voted, or attended the Crunchies. This award show is about the tech community, and we’re honored to have you as our readers.