Here’s what’s happening on day one of TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

Welcome to TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 — day one! We’re thrilled that you’re here, and we’re rarin’ to dive into three full days laser focused on the tools, information and connections that fuel early-stage startup success.

We want to make sure your first day gets off to a flying start. Carbo-loading complete? Optimum caffeine levels achieved?  All right, then — take a look at these day one highlights, and go find all the opportunities!

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Explore day one at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

Doors Open

  • The Moscone West Lobby doors open at 7:30 a.m.
  • The Expo Hall doors open at 8:00 a.m.

Industry Stage Shoutouts

Day one features programming on the Fintech, Space and Sustainability Stages.  Here are some of the sessions you’ll find there.

Fintech Stage

  • Harnessing the Power of Strategic Partnerships and Collaborative Innovation — presented by Navan.
  • Visa Everywhere Initiative: The Ultimate Fintech Pitch Competition — presented by Visa.
  • Check the event agenda for more.

Space Stage

  • The Most Exciting Time in Space: How We Got Here and What Comes Next​ — presented by The Aerospace Corporation.
  • The Space Domain Awareness Challenge Pitch-off and Winner Announcement — presented by The Aerospace Corporation.
  • Check the event agenda for more.

Sustainability Stage

  • Doing Something Concrete on Climate — with Rick Fox, co-founder and CEO, Partanna.
  • The Upside (and Downside) of Cultivated Meat — with Uma Valeti, founder and CEO, Upside Foods.
  • Check the event agenda for more.

Disrupt Stage fireside chats

Don’t miss members of the TechCrunch editorial team in conversation with some of the best minds in tech and investing. Here’s what’s happening on day one.

  • Making Sustainability a Core Value at Apple — with Lisa Jackson, Vice President, Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives, Apple.
  • Shaq-nology: Slam-Dunking Education’s Future with AI & Edsoma — with Shaquille O’Neal, NBA Superstar and Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Kyle Wallgren, CEO, Edsoma.
  • How Reed Jobs Is Coming for Cancer Through VC — with Reed Jobs, Investor, Yosemite.

Builders Stage Shoutouts

This is where you’ll find top industry leaders sharing the nuts and bolts of what it takes to build and invest in startups.

  • The HR Tech Hype: Disrupting the Disruption — presented by G-P.
  • Pervasive AI: Where We’re Going and How You Compete — presented by SambaNova.
  • How to Sustain a Tech Company in a Competitive World — presented by OnePlus.
  • Check the event agenda for more.

All the breakout sessions

Don’t pass up the interactive breakouts — expert-led presentations followed by a Q&A where you can go deep on the topics you love. Here’s every breakout happening on day one.

  • The Hardest Problems in Space — presented by The Aerospace Corporation.
  • The Path to Your Next Funding Round: Equity Crowdfunding — presented by DealMaker.
  • Secure-by-Design: Don’t leave product security as an afterthought — with Oliver Friedrichs, Founder and CEO, Pangea Cyber; Katie Gray, Senior Partner, In-Q-Tel; Bob Lord, Senior Technical Advisor, CISA; and Shrav Mehta, Founder and CEO, Secureframe.
  • What Will It Take to Fuel the Next Economy? — presented by Mastercard.
  • Why Brand Is Your Most Valuable Asset Class — presented by KOTO.
  • How to Raise Your First Round as a Fintech Founder — with Nik Milanović, Founder, This Week in Fintech; General Partner, The Fintech Fund; and Chris Wallace, Founder and General Partner, Dunbar Capital.
  • The Digital Silk Road: From Central Eurasia to Silicon Valley — presented by Silkroad Innovation Hub.
  • Building Early-Stage Products as a Non-Technical Founder: What to and Not to Do — with Andy Powell, Chief Business Officer, Oak’s Lab.
  • AI for Social Good: How technologists and Nonprofits Can Partner to Deliver Lasting Impact — with Jen Carter, Global Head of Technology,
  • Disrupting in a Digital World — presented by JPMorgan.
  • So, You Want to Work in Space?​ — presented by The Aerospace Corporation.

All the roundtable discussions

Roundtables are expert-led, small-group conversations focused on a specific topic designed to inform, inspire and help you build a better business. Here’s every roundtable happening on day one.

  • Rapidly Grow Your AI Startup — presented by Llama Lounge.
  • Raising Capital Even if You Aren’t an AI Startup (or Even if You Are!). Tips, Tricks and Creative Ideas to Raise Capital in a Challenging Venture Market — with Neil Sequeira, Founder and Partner,
  • Telling the TAM Story: How to Get VCs Excited About Your Market Opportunity, Especially in Less Sexy Spaces — with Rob Biederman, Founding & Managing Partner, Asymmetric Capital Partners.
  • Setting the Stage for Women of Color Founders to Equitably Share the VC Spotlight — presented by DigitalUndivided.
  • Breaking into the Healthcare Monolith: Strategies for Working with Payors and Providers — presented by InterSystems.
  • How to Establish Series A Milestones — with Aaron Holiday, Co-founder and Managing Partner, 645 Ventures.
  • The Art of Choosing the Right Investor: A Guide for Startup Founders — with Sergey Gribov, Partner, Flint Capital.
  • The Built World: How to Navigate the Sector with the Biggest Potential Impact on Sustainability — with Kaustubh Pandya, Partner, Brick & Mortar Ventures.
  • Impactpreneurship and Coopetition: How to Run Your Business without Ruining You — with Emeka Nwachinemere, Chief Executive Officer, Kitovu Technology Company.
  • How to Leverage Real-Time Payments to Expand Product Capability and Accessibility — with Rocio Wu, Principal, F-Prime Capital.
  • Off-the-Record Chat with VC Rex Salisbury – with Rex Salisbury, Founding Partner, Cambrian Ventures.
  • How to Leverage Events to Reach and Engage Business Audiences — presented by 10Times.
  • The Future of Community-Led Growth and Why Elephants Are Greater than Unicorns — with Erica Wenger, General Partner, Park Rangers Capital.
  • War Stories with Founder Equity and Cap Tables — with Sam Wong, Startup Coach and Fractional Founder, Fundable Startups.
  • Why Climate Tech Needs an Ecosystem Approach — presented by Third Derivative.
  • How the Fortune 500 Is Buying AI Software (or Not!) — with Sandhya Hegde, General Partner, Unusual Ventures.
  • AI in Your Meetings and Beyond — presented by
  • Securing the Future: AI and Its Role in Advancing Cybersecurity — with Casber Wang, Partner, Sapphire Ventures.
  • Contrarian Negotiation Tactics for Sales and M&A that Work for Founders — with Healey Cypher, COO, Atomic.
  • Hate, Spam, Bots and Other Four-Letter Words: Tech-Driven Social Media Moderation Drives Brand-Reputation Management — presented by Respondology.

The Startup Battlefield 200

This year’s hand-picked Startup Battlefield 200 cohort will not disappoint. Head to the Expo Hall for the finest display of early-stage startup innovation you’ll ever find under one roof. See the complete lineup here.

Then catch the Startup Battlefield 20 finalists — selected from the cohort — begin to compete on the Disrupt Stage for the $100,000 equity-free prize. Check the event agenda for the Disrupt Stage pitch schedule. Let the pitch-off begin!

Pitch Showcase Stage Shoutouts

You’ll find more fast and furious pitch action on the Pitch Showcase Stage located in the Expo Hall. Go discover what early-stage startups from around the world are building.

  • Live Pitch Session with SpartUp SJSU.
  • Live Pitch Sessions with the Polish Pavilion.
  • Live Pitch Session with Kotra.
  • Live Pitch Session with Jetro.
  • Live Pitch Session with Ukraine Pavilion.

Networking Nirvana

Start networking with our event app — it lets you find the people who share your business goals and schedule meetings with them in the Networking Zone.

  • Deal Flow Café: For Founder and Investor Pass holders only. This area is a great spot to grab a coffee, relax and make new connections with other founders and investors.
  • Recharge Zone: Need a break from all the hardcore networking and dealmaking you’re sure to do at Disrupt? Head to the Recharge Zone. Enjoy games, open seating, a 3D photo booth and charging stations. You’ll find it at the back of the exhibition hall.
  • The TechCrunch+ Lounge: TechCrunch+ subscribers with one- or two-year memberships can recharge, reconnect, network and chat with our writers and other special guests. Not a member yet? Subscribe here.

After Hours highlights for Tuesday, 09/19

After Hours events offer a great way to mix, mingle, eat, drink (responsibly) and be merry. What better way to end your day than meeting and networking with people in a fun, relaxed setting?

  • Singapore: Gateway to AI and Innovation in Asia-Pacific presented by Singapore Global Network

And many more listed in the TC Disrupt After Hours Schedule!

Coffee and Espresso Bar

  • Perk up with a caffeine stop in the second-floor lobby — courtesy of AMD.

Wowza, and these are just the highlights. Go forth and enjoy day one of TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, and discover new opportunities to help your business grow! Remember, latecomers can grab a pass and join the fun.