Block Head Jack Dorsey tells us what we already knew

Jack Dorsey, the Twitter co-founder and current Block CEO, is no longer the payments firm’s “chief executive officer.” Instead, the executive is choosing to call himself “Block Head and Chairperson.” It’s an unconventional title, sure, but it is perhaps fitting for the billionaire man, who is not known for his choice of words.

A very real regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission reflects how no, this play on the term “blockhead” is not a joke. Yet like Elon Musk — who declared himself “Technoking” in March 2021 — the change may indeed be for the lolz.

“There will be no changes in Mr. Dorsey’s roles and responsibilities, and he will continue to serve as principal executive officer of the Company,” the filing reads. Brutally, the filing also notes that the change was made “at his request.”