Only 11 tickets left for tomorrow’s TechCrunch Early Stage

It’s time to trot out old Saint Expeditus, the patron saint of procrastinators, for an important reminder to those of you who could go pro when it comes to kicking the task-can down the road.

TechCrunch Early Stage takes place tomorrow in San Francisco, and we have just 11 — count ‘em, 11 — tickets left to the ultimate educational resource for newly minted or aspiring founders. If you kept meaning to register, this is your last chance to learn best practices from seasoned founders, VCs and other subject-matter experts across the early-stage startup spectrum.

It’s now or never: Buy your pass right here before the final five tickets disappear, and you’re left with nothing but a giant case of ROMO — regret over missing out.

Your peers have nothing but good things to say about attending TC Early Stage. Over to you, Chloe Leaaetoa, the founder of Socicraft:

What you learn at TC Early Stage is so much better than the random information you find on YouTube. You get to interact with industry experts and ask them specific questions. It’s like a mini bootcamp, and you’re going to walk away with a lot of knowledge.

What kind of knowledge? The kind that can set you up for success without reinventing the wheel. Take a look at just some of the more than 40 presentations we’ve packed into the TC Early Stage agenda.

How to Get Your First Yes: Once the first domino falls, the rest inevitably follow. But when it comes to early fundraising, it’s not as simple as a tap of the finger. Sequoia’s Jess Lee will talk you through how to get that first investor on board, which will more often than not get other investors excited about the prospect of working with you.

Pitch Deck Teardown: An enticing pitch is foundational to a startup’s chance of successful fundraising. Pair that with a well-constructed pitch deck and you’re off to the races. In this interactive session, Emergence Capital’s Lotti Siniscalco will look through real startup pitch decks submitted by the audience to share what sings, what doesn’t and why.

Setting the Foundation for Built-to-Last Companies: When it comes to company building, some things can’t be retrofitted — they have to be set in place from day one. Join this session with Outreach Co-Founder and CEO Manny Medina and Mayfield’s Rajeev Batra as they share insights from Outreach’s inception to iconic journey, including lessons learned on building an empathetic performance culture, embedding DEI into your DNA, the playbook for great category design and more.

This, my friends, is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The lessons you glean and connections you make will serve you throughout your entire startup career.

And we just want to send an extra special thank you to our partners:

Amazon Web Services, Brex, Dell for Startups, Mayfield, Microsoft for Startups, Samsung Next, Blackstone LaunchPad, Intercom, Unibui, Zendesk for Startups, CodeNOW, Invest Hong Kong, and Techstars.

TechCrunch Early Stage takes place tomorrow, April 14, in San Francisco and, if you act quickly enough, you can buy a pass today and join your community of early-stage founders and entrepreneurs tomorrow. Saint Expeditus says get moving!