Lucid launches a faster, more expensive version of its flagship EV

Lucid Motors announced Tuesday a high-performance companion to its long-awaited Lucid Air luxury sedan: a 1,050-horsepower grand tourer with a 446-mile range.

The $179,000 Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance Model will arrive in June, following customer deliveries of the automaker’s long-awaited flagship model, the 819-horsepower Lucid Air Grand Touring full-size sedan that can travel up to 520 miles on a single charge.

As the longest-range, fastest-charging EV on the market, the Lucid Air Grand Touring model already posts impressive performance numbers, accelerating from 0 to 60 miles per hour in three seconds flat. Lucid said Tuesday that the dual-motor, high-performance version makes the trip in 2.6 seconds, nearly half a second quicker. Both models come with an ultra-fast 900-volt+ charging system that can add 300 miles to the battery in 21 minutes at a 350-kilowatt DC fast charger.

The launch of the flagship model marks a milestone for the company as its first production series. Last year, Lucid sold out a small, 520-unit run of the limited-edition Lucid Air Dream Edition. The Lucid Air Grand Touring models will show whether the automaker can be a viable competitor in the crowded EV segment.

Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO of Lucid Group, said that the Performance version answers consumer demand for higher-performance variants of the Lucid Air. The company sets itself apart from other EV makers with its vertically integrated, in-house manufacturing methods, architecture and high-density battery.

“The remarkable speed with which we are able to conceive and bring this model to market is possible only because of Lucid’s high degree of vertical integration and in-house production of our proprietary EV powertrain and battery pack technology,” Rawlinson said in a statement.

Both models will include industry-leading technology such as a 34-inch floating glass cockpit with 5K resolution; Intelligent Micro Lends Array LED headlights, a solid-state system Lucid developed in-house and DreamDrive Pro, Lucid’s advanced driver assistance system with the first automotive lidar in North America.

The Lucid Air models also come with the features befitting a modern luxury sedan such as heated and ventilated massaging front seats, soft-close doors and a 21-speaker surround sound system compatible with Dolby Atmos.