Here’s every angle of the all-electric Lucid Air in pictures

After years of development, Lucid Motors took the wraps off the Air, an electric luxury sedan that was unveiled Wednesday in a live-streamed event.

The Air combines high-end features with eye-popping performance specs and technology that puts it in the same luxury category as a Mercedes S Class. The Air will range in price from as high as $169,000 for its flagship Dream variant to just below $80,000 for the base model, not counting the $7,500 federal tax credit.

The vehicle will have four variants in all, each with slightly different battery ranges that fall between 517 miles and about 400 miles. The Air will be loaded with 32 sensors, a driver-monitoring system and an Ethernet-based architecture all for its advanced driver assistance system, which is designed to support hands-free driving on highways.

Inside the Air is a simple — not stark — design that balances technology and the needs of the driver. A 34-inch curved glass 5K display sits in front of the driver, and appears to float above the dashboard. Another center touchscreen is retractable. Meanwhile, a few physical controls remain on the steering wheel and just above the center screen.

The Air’s design comes across as precise and thoughtful, not jammed with buttons, touchscreens and toggles. TechCrunch hasn’t been inside the production version of the vehicle just yet, but we have loads of photos to share. Check out the inside and exterior of the Air below.

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