Announcing the early-stage space startups exhibiting at TC Sessions: Space 2021

We’ve packed plenty of excitement into TC Sessions: Space 2021 — from iconic space leaders like Rocket Labs’ Peter Beck and Accion’s Natalya Bailey to influential check-writers like Bessemer Ventures’ Tess Hatch and Sequoia’s Shaun Maguire.

But it’s tough to beat the excitement of meeting early-stage space startups and learning how they’re pushing beyond and reinventing the boundaries of space tech. Good news: you’ll have that opportunity come December 14-15.

But first, a shameless space plug: Buy your pass now while you can still save $100 on the price of admission.

We’re thrilled to provide a sneak peek at the 10 early-stage space startups that will exhibit at TC Sessions: Space 2021. Check out their websites and start planning your calendar. You’re going to want to make room for their scheduled product demos and other networking opportunities with them during the conference.

Get excited, space folk. Here’s a preview of the early-stage startups that will be at TC Sessions: Space 2021.

Groundcom develops, builds and operates a network of ground stations around the world that are available as a service.

Skycorp is a leading founder in the realm of on-orbit assembly and servicing with commercial and government customers.

NewRocket develops advanced, environmentally friendly (“Green Propulsion”) rocket engines based on innovative gel-propellant technology.

Homeport builds infrastructures for a new era that address the increasing usage of spacecraft and data from them.

Pixxel is building a health monitor for the planet by producing, assembling, and launching the world’s highest-resolution constellation of hyperspectral earth-imaging satellites.

SCOUT is developing dual-use, space-based services to make space more transparent and enhance space domain awareness.

Orbion Space Technology produces Hall-effect electric propulsion solutions for small satellites ranging from 70 kg to 500 kg.

Aphelion Aerospace delivers green, low-cost, on-demand design-build-launch services for nanosatellite operations.

CesiumAstro provides out-of-the-box communication systems for satellites, UAVs, launch vehicles and other space or airborne platforms.

SpaceRyde launches small satellites on its own affordable taxi to space — without ridesharing.

TC Sessions: Space 2021 takes place on December 14-15. Explore exciting opportunities with these 10 outstanding startups. And be sure to buy your pass while you can still save $100.

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