Magnify raises $6M for its post-sales orchestration platform

In many companies, post-sales can be a bit of a haphazard process, with customer success, marketing and product teams all trying to figure out how to provide the best service to new and existing customers. With limited resources, that often means focusing on a few customers. Magnify aims to automate more of this process so that companies can reach more of their customers to drive product usage, adoption and retention. The Seattle, Washington- and Bend, Oregon-based platform today announced that it has raised a $6 million seed round from Madrona Venture Group, Decibel Partners and a number of Pacific Northwest-based SaaS executives.

Magnify was incubated at Madrona Venture Labs. Madrona managing director (and former Concur CEO) Steve Singh was instrumental in getting the company off the ground and will join it as chairman of the board.

Magnify CEO Joshua_Crossman

Magnify CEO Joshua_Crossman. Image Credits: Magnify

The company was founded by Joshua Crossman, whose experience in executive-level post-sales roles at BrightEdge, QuinStreet and, most recently, Chef taught him a thing or two about how the industry works.

“The amazing thing about customer success is you have this remarkable set of people that are doing heroic work to try and drive product and adoption — and they’re talking to a tenth of the users — or 2% or 3% of the users. And you’ve got the marketing teams off doing their great work, you’ve got the product teams doing their great work. And the [customer success] and sales organizations are acting as that integration layer. They’re stitching it all together,” he said.

The idea behind Magnify then, he explained, is to help companies to reach the large majority of customers who don’t get customer success interactions under the current system. “With product-led growth and everything else, we give a set of tools to the product and success team to create a unified customer experience,” Crossman said.

It’s still early days for Magnify’s product and the team spent the last few months building out the initial feature set and launching a few initial pilots. But at the core of Magnify is a no-code experience that integrates customer touch points (think email, webinars, support tickets, etc.) to automate more of the customer lifecycle.

Magnify solves a massive problem in the software industry, and I’m deeply excited about its potential to transform the customer lifecycle,” said Singh. “Growth and value creation for software companies is directly tied to reducing churn and increasing product adoption, and the teams running those efforts need the benefits of the modern tech stack.”