Extra Crunch membership now available to readers in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark

We’re excited to announce that Extra Crunch memberships are now available in several Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. For a full list of supported countries, head here.

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Use the code NORDICCRUNCH during checkout for an additional 25% off an annual or two-year plan. The discount code expires on January 15, 2021, and it will only work for readers in Europe. 

Thanks to everyone who voted on where to expand. If you’d like to see Extra Crunch memberships available in your country, let us know.

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What is Extra Crunch?

Extra Crunch is a membership program from TechCrunch that helps you spot technology trends and opportunities, build better startups and stay connected. It features thousands of articles, including weekly investor surveys, daily private market analysis and expert interviews on fundraising, growth, monetization and other work topics.

We’d love to have you join our growing community of founders, investors and startup teams.

Committing to an annual and two-year plan will save you a few bucks on the membership price and unlock access to TechCrunch event discounts and Partner Perks. Extra Crunch annual membership gets you 20% off tickets to all TechCrunch 2021 virtual events. The Partner Perks program features discounts and savings on services from DocSend, Crunchbase, AWS and more.

You can sign up or learn more about Extra Crunch here.