Announcing TechCrunch Sessions: Justice 2021

Despite several years of diversity reports and inclusion trainings, the tech industry still has more work to do in achieving an equitable representation of Black, Hispanic and Indigenous people. Meanwhile, reports of racism, discrimination and labor violations are plentiful. And there’s still an overall lack of funding that goes toward those who don’t happen to be white and/or male.

At on March 3 at TC Sessions: Justice, we’re going to fix all of that. Okay, we’re not actually going to be able to fix all of tech’s diversity and inclusion woes but this is what we will do. We’re going to hear and learn from the folks who are changing the tech industry for the better — whether that’s through entrepreneurship, venture capital, labor organizing or advocacy.

Our hope is that hearing from folks like Backstage Capital Founder and Managing Partner Arlan Hamilton, Ethel’s Club and Somewhere Good founder Naj Austin, Gig Workers Collective co-founder Vanessa Bain, Kickstarter union co-organizer Clarissa Redwine and more will help to inspire others in this industry to enact change.

We hope folks will walk away from this event with an understanding that you don’t need permission to do the right thing and that grassroots organizing works. One could say the theme of this event is being unapologetic, or, in the words of the late, honorable Rep. John Lewis, making “good trouble.”

Join us while we explore inclusive hiring, access to funding for Black, Hispanic and Indigenous people, and workplace tools to foster inclusion and belonging. We’ll also examine the experiences of gig workers and formerly incarcerated people who are often left out of Silicon Valley’s wealth cycle. Rounding out the program will be a discussion about the role of venture capital in creating a more inclusive tech ecosystem. We’ll discuss all of that and more at TC Sessions: Justice.