All the ways to meet someone and make connections at Disrupt 2020

No matter how amazing the speaker lineup is at Disrupt 2020 next week — and believe you me, it’s pretty fuckin’ amazing — there is nothing more powerful than the connections people make at our show. Whether it’s an investor, a future co-founder, an interesting startup or a new friend, networking is a critical aspect of Disrupt.

For the first time ever, Disrupt is going totally virtual. But just because you can’t get 10,000 steps in in the Startup Alley doesn’t mean you can’t make powerful connections at the show. In fact, there are perhaps more ways to meet people at Disrupt 2020 than there has ever been.

If you’ll allow, let me count the ways:


CrunchMatch has been a staple of TechCrunch events for a long time now, but it’s gotten smarter! The platform uses machine learning to match you with the right people based on your interests. Not only will you get suggestions for people you should meet with, but you can also search for people at the conference based on topic or the type of person, like a fellow entrepreneur or investor.

Random Matching

But maybe you’re looking for something more serendipitous. At Disrupt, we’ll have a networking platform that will allow you to jump into video chat with other attendees at the conference at random. After a few minutes, you’ll be thrown into a new conversation with the next attendee in the queue. Contact info for these people will be stored in your account so you can hit them up later.


The chat function at the show is flexible. If you’re in the main reception section of the show, you’ll be able to chat to all attendees. When you head into the Disrupt Stage section, the chat flexes to show only the chatter from the Disrupt Stage. The same applies to the Extra Crunch Stage, individual breakout sessions, etc.

Take a look:

It’s not too late to join in on the action, but to take part in all of this fun stuff, you’ll need to grab a Disrupt Digital Pro Pass or a Digital Startup Alley Exhibitor Package (today’s the last day to exhibit!). We hope to see you there!