With 600+ more founder recommendations, the second revision of The TechCrunch List is coming next week

Update July 2021: The TechCrunch List has been officially retired.

Let’s just say it’s been busy times over here (Twitter being completely unusable has helped productivity though!).

On Tuesday, we launched the first draft of The TechCrunch List, a verified, curated list of investors who have demonstrated a commitment to first checks and leading rounds from seed through growth, organized by market vertical. We constructed that list off the recommendations of more than 1,200+ founders who had submitted their information to TechCrunch over the past month. We also published a list of the 11 investors with the most positive founder recommendations.

Well, the launch was a great success, with tens of thousands of people using the List on just the first day. Our hope is that it becomes a permanent tool in the chest for every founder looking to raise capital.

Now, we need to further revise it. In the 24 hours after we published the first draft of the List, we received another 600 founder recommendations, or about 50% of the total we received over the entire past month before launch. If you were one of these founders: thank you for helping other founders identify the VCs that are willing to take the ambition to be first and/or to lead a venture round.

If you are a founder and want to submit a recommendation, please do so! The more information we have available, the better we can help everyone fundraise.

All that said though, we have a lot of work to do to catch up. We carefully consider every recommendation and all the comments we receive to select each investor on The TechCrunch List. That makes the List valuable, but it takes serious time to make changes and ensure accuracy.

We intend to launch our second revision of the List next week, which will likely have at least a couple of dozen new investors that have come to our attention.

In the meantime, we have posted a FAQ page with a bunch of answers to questions we received about the List. If you have questions, it is a great first place to start.