The VCs who founders love the most

Data from The TechCrunch List points to several investors who bubble to the top

Update July 2021: The TechCrunch List has been officially retired.

Over the past month, we have been asking founders to submit recommendations of VCs for The TechCrunch List, our newly-launched curated directory of investors who are ready to write first checks and lead venture rounds into startups. You can head over to the list itself to see all 391 investors across 22 verticals.

Beyond the final compiled list though, there was an even more elite group of investors who a wide number of founders just raved about in their recommendations. So while The TechCrunch List is a free resource for all founders, over here on Extra Crunch, we wanted to place special attention on a short list of 11 investors that founders were particularly effusive in their praise.

Let’s take a look.

Note: Recommendations were submitted “on the record.” However, out of an abundance of caution for the founders and their startups, we have elided certain specific details from these recommendations. They have also been edited for clarity.

Ben Ling of Bling Capital