Netflix’s beloved animated series Tuca & Bertie is getting a second life on Adult Swim

Tuca & Bertie was wonderful. It was a hilarious and heartfelt examination of adult relationships, coupled with whimsical animated visuals. And like most good things in this world, it was simply too beautiful to live.

The Netflix series, which starred comedians Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong as two mismatched bird best friends was canceled after a single season. Creator Lisa Hanawalt (the cartoonist behind BoJack Horseman’s visual style) announced on Twitter that the show would not be renewed. Multiple petitions were filed, seemingly to no avail.

But it’s 2020. Nothing in pop culture stays gone for long. Hanawalt returned to Twitter triumphantly today to note that the show will return with a new home. Adult Swim has agreed to pick up the series for a second season. “HAPPY FRIDAY :)))))))))))))))))))))))),” the cartoonist tweeted, “TUCA & BERTIE IS COMING BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The move marks a reverse of the more “traditional” model of Netflix picking up canceled network shows — though Tuca & Bertie isn’t the first to pull the reverse-Netflix. “One Day at a Time” also recently moved from the streaming series to the boutique cable network, Pop. Again, it’s 2020. All bets are off.