DataHawk provides e-commerce analytics so you can optimize your listings

Meet DataHawk, a French startup that wants to build a sort of App Annie for Amazon listings. The company lets you track products and search results so you can learn more about your competitors and your space.

This sort of product is becoming increasingly relevant as more and more products sold on Amazon are listed directly on Amazon by third-party companies on Amazon’s marketplace.

If you’re selling products on Amazon, chances are that your performance depends on search results. Many customers search for a product and look at the first results. So you want to rank as high as possible on important keywords.

With DataHawk, you can track any keyword and see how the results evolve over time. This way, if your sales drop, now you know why. The platform can help you tweak your listings to rank higher.

You also can track products directly to spot changes in the product title, price, reviews and description. Because DataHawk uses scrapping, you’re not limited to your own products — you can monitor products from your competitors.

You can visualize data from the DataHawk interface or export everything to Excel spreadsheets. You also can receive email alerts.

DataHawk has raised $1.3 million from Axeleo Capital and business angels. The company has 140 clients so far, with 80% of them in the U.S. Clients include PharamaPacks, Pfizer and L’Oréal. It currently tracks 2.6 million products every day.

The company operates as a software-as-a-service with a free plan to try out the service and monthly plans that get more expensive as you track more products and keywords.

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