Facebook announces Oculus Link, which brings PC games to the standalone Quest headset

Oculus is going to be further blurring the lines between its standalone virtual reality headset and what it’s built on PC with a new software update in November, Mark Zuckerberg announced onstage at the company’s Oculus Connect 6 conference.

Oculus Link will allow users to tether their Quest to PCs via USB-C and play PC content that is more graphically rich and power-intensive than what’s currently possible on the headset powered by a mobile chipset.

We don’t know any limitations of the system yet; it sounds like you’ll be able to use recent USB-C cords, but you’ll need a special cable to enable power-passthrough. Both the Quest and Rift S share plenty of system specs, so this may be a clear sign that Facebook is pushing Oculus to go all-in on the Quest and perhaps leave PC VR behind.