Matterport acquires AI special effects startup Arraiy

Real estate computer vision platform startup Matterport is set to acquire Arraiy, an AI startup aiming to automate special effects processing in film.

Arraiy raised $13.9 million according to Crunchbase, most recently a $10 million Series A in March of 2018. Lux Capital and SoftBank Ventures Asia led the round. Lux Capital notably also led Matterport’s Series A back in 2013. In comparison, Matterport has raised about $114 million to date.

Arraiy used AI tech to more seamlessly overlay digital content on physically captured spaces. The company had been firmly focused on changing the way digital effects houses in Hollywood made films. While plenty of computer vision startups were aiming to use AI and AR technologies to bring live Snapchat-like AR functionality to different corners of the web, Arraiy was banking on the high-fidelity world of film, where special effects production is an expensive, time-intensive process.

Arraiy’s founders previously started Industrial Perception, a robotics startup that Google acquired in 2013.

The startup tackling Hollywood special effects and a startup best known for digitizing real estate properties to give potential buyers 3D tours might not seem like the most idyllic pairing, but the acquisition might allow Matterport to expand its ambitions further beyond its real estate customer base.