AirPods and HomePod get some new skills

Apple’s audio hardware didn’t get a ton of love at WWDC but the devices didn’t go unmentioned, here’s what’s coming to your HomePod and AirPods.

  • For AirPods users, Siri will now be able to read incoming iMessages to you as soon as they arrive on your phone and allow you to respond instantly without bothering with “Hey Siri…”
  • The company is introducing a feature that will allow you to instantly share a song you’re listening to from one iPhone to another. It doesn’t seem to be AirPods specific, but wireless headphones will probably make this feel ritzier.
  • Handoff is coming to HomePod, and it’s coming about in a very physical way. If you are walking in the door and want to move audio from your iPhone to the HomePod, now you can just bring your iPhone close to it and it will transfer the audio, this works in the opposite direction as well.
  • One far overdue update is multi-user support finally coming to the HomePod so you’ll be able to play music that’s unique to you and get info like iMessages, Reminders and Notes as well.
  • Across Siri, you’ll now be able to listen to radio stations on iHeartRadio, TuneIn and