Epic Games is buying the studio behind Rocket League

Epic Games is in the process of acquiring the studio behind one of the most popular cross-platform games out there, Rocket League.

The studio behind Fortnite is buying Psyonix for an undisclosed sum and bringing its 132 employees onboard. There doesn’t appear to be a ton changing at the San Diego game studio; Epic says the company will continue to support the game on all platforms.

The real competitive advantage seems to rely on Rocket League coming to the Epic Games store in “late 2019” and ceasing new downloads on Valve’s Steam store at that time, though Epic specifically notes that users that have already downloaded the title on Steam will continue to have support.

The whimsical title has been an unlikely smash success. Rocket League has more than 57 million players, the studio says.

Epic owning two of the biggest cross-platform gaming titles is obviously a major boon to the company, and a sign that they’re committed to ensuring that the studio’s success continues long after Fortnite downloads diminish. This is one of their most important acquisitions to date and brings a cash cow exclusive to their games store, which is continuing to aggressively pursue exclusives as it tries to take down Valve, one of gaming’s biggest powerhouses.