Welcome Kirsten Korosec, Kate Clark, Zack Whittaker and some guy named Eric

We’ve got some new faces around TechCrunch — some of them real fresh and some who you might know. Though you might have seen some of their bylines around the site, I thought it would be nice to officially welcome them.

First up is Kirsten Korosec, who leads our transportation and mobility reporting. Kirsten is an accomplished and seasoned journalist in the space and has been with us for a few months writing, hosting panels at Disrupt and scooping major news. You’ll want to stay tuned to her coverage of this wild area of coverage as she deciphers Elon tweets, filters startup coverage and figures out how much horsepower a scooter actually needs. You might have seen one of Kirsten’s great pieces of original reporting on TC already, like Comma.ai getting a new CEO, GM offering Cruise employees equity in Cruise, Skedaddle talking acquisition with the big ridesharing companies and outing Anthony Levandowski’s new stealthy self-driving startup called Kache.ai.

Kate Clark is one of our newest hires and is covering the startup and VC ecosystem in Silicon Valley alongside Danny Crichton, Connie Loizos, Megan Dickey and Lucas Matney. Kate comes to us from PitchBook and has hit the ground running with a host of great stories like raises and acquisitions both large and small, scooter drama, as well as clever posts on sex tech and VC pay.

Our new security reporter Zack Whittaker has been producing some great work in his time here, as well. Zack comes from a 10-year stint at ZDNet and brings with him a deep understanding of security and privacy issues that are affecting so many companies large and small. He’s required reading on the topic, and he’s been proving it with great scoops like this one on Texas voter records being exposed, this story about iPhone apps being caught quietly monetizing your location and a huge breach of credit card data by Newegg.

Next is a gent you might know: Eric Eldon. Eric, who previously served as the co-editor of TechCrunch until he cleverly managed to escape to go live the easy life of doing a startup (called Hoodline), is back to work on a special new project Danny Crichton is heading up that we’re not quite ready to announce yet. Eric, as many of you likely know, is a fantastic editor and has spent quality time in the ups and downs of startupland, a perspective that will help tremendously as we try to keep making TechCrunch the last word in startups and emerging tech, as well as a genuinely useful resource for every founder, engineer, executive and aspirant in tech.

We’ve also got some new columnists and writers on other specific topics joining the team.

Eric Peckham will be writing on media and tech, and has interest in ML and blockchain and how traditional media companies are adapting. You may be familiar with his Monetizing Media newsletter. Joyce Yang is a former equity analyst who now writes a newsletter on Asia blockchain, called Global Coin Research, and is already writing a great column for us today. Gregg Schoenberg, who is the founder of Wescott Capital and co-founder of The Financial Revolutionist newsletter, is doing an interview series with us with CEOs and founders in the fintech space. Conor Witt works at Citi’s strategy group and will be writing about fintech for us with a new column. Finally, Ziad Reslan, a lawyer who is interested in the harder questions of policy issues, as well as John Chen, a former venture investor at Emergence (where he sourced the investment for Crunchbase), have also been writing occasional columns.

New hires to come

We’ve also got some open positions at TechCrunch, so if you know a good candidate, or are one yourself, please apply. We’re looking for a solid senior writer with an insatiable curiosity and a critical eye to bolster our startup coverage in San Francisco, as well as a science writer with a focus on emerging biotech and health tech from a consumer and enterprise perspective with variable location. Here, there, Mars is OK. Since we now have events around the world, a desire for on-stage work is a plus. Feel free to use this link to apply for either or hit me up on Twitter @panzer.

In the engineering and product space, we’re in need of a Product Manager to oversee TC product, including our brilliant new site, events products, apps and more. We need an associate PM, as well, who has strong operational experience and a couple of additional engineers with strong front-end experience but with a major preference to those who have some WordPress and PHP experience, because we work across the full stack to make stuff happen here. We need these folks to work on existing stuff as well as exciting new products. We’re a forward-looking site that is going to be pushing the boundaries of what publishing on the web and other locations looks like. If that sounds interesting to you, you know what to do.

With these people, and more to be announced, you may notice that we are making a commitment to covering the ground that we know you care about the most. We’re not going broad, we’re going deep, accurate and, as always, scrappy as hell. It’s going to be fun; talk soon.