Google’s new ‘smart compose’ will help you write your emails

Following the recent Gmail revamp, Google today announced another new feature for Gmail called “Smart Compose,” which will actually help you write your emails using machine learning technology.

As you type, Smart Compose pops up suggestions about what you might want to write next – similar to Google autocomplete.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai briefly demoed the technology on stage at the Google I/O developer conference this morning, showing how Smart Compose could finish sentences by suggesting text, including common phrases or even addresses.

“As the name suggests, we use machine learning to start suggesting phrases for you,” Pichai explained. “All you have to do is hit tab to keep auto-completing. In this case, it understands the subject is ‘taco Tuesday.’ It takes care of mundane things like addresses so you can focus on what you want to type,” he continued.

“I’ve been sending a lot more emails to the company. Not sure what they think of it, but it’s been great,” Pichai said.

In a blog post detailing the feature’s launch, Google says that Smart Compose can suggest relevant contextual phrases, like “have a great weekend!” as a closing phrase, for example, in addition to helping you cut back on repetitive writing with its suggestions.

The feature is rolling it out to Gmail users this month and to G Suite users in the “coming months.” You’ll need to be on the new Gmail design for it to work.