Google Assistant is getting support for custom and scheduled routines

Routines are probably one of the best features the Google Assistant team has rolled out in recent months. Just say “Hey Google, good night” and the Assistant will shut down your lights and start playing some nature sounds to soothe you into deep sleep (or whatever else you want it to do). One limitation so far was that you could only use Google’s preset routines (think “good morning,” “I’m home,” etc.). As the company announced today, though, you’ll soon be able to create your own custom routines and also schedule routines for a specific day or time.

With Custom Routines, Google Home users will soon be able to set their own phrases to kick off a routine and selection of what Google promises are “one million Actions.” So if you want to set the mood for dinner, you can create a “Hey Google, dinner’s ready” routine that turns up the music, turns off the TV and sets the temperature in the kitchen. Easy.

Soon, you’ll also be able to schedule these routines to run at a set time so that your lights turn on or off at a given time, for example. Google says you’ll be able to schedule these actions in both the Google Clock app on Android and the Google Assistant app. And with that, even the Clock app now offers an AI-based tool.

These new features will roll out later this summer, though Google has lately had a propensity for being a bit late with these launches.