Microsoft says nearly 700M devices now run Windows 10

At its Build developer conference, Microsoft today announced that just under 700 million devices now run Windows 10. Almost exactly a year ago, that number stood at 500 million. In addition, the company also today noted that Office 365 now has 135 million monthly active commercial users, up from 120 million last October.

Update: An early press release we saw said Windows 10 now had 700 million users. Today, the company corrected this down to ‘nearly 700 million.’ We’ve changed this post to reflect that.

Back in 2015, when Windows 10 launched, Microsoft’s original goal was to hit a billion devices by 2018. It quickly became clear that this was a bit too optimistic. While Windows 10 usage clearly continues to grow at a decent speed, we’re not likely to see it hit a billion users soon.

What Microsoft is probably more excited about anyway is the fact that its Office 365 and related Microsoft 365 subscription plans seem to be doing quite well. Over the course of the last couple of financial quarters, Office 365 seat growth typically increased around 30 percent year over year, with revenue well outpacing that number.

We don’t yet have numbers for Microsoft 365, a relatively new subscription service that combines access to Windows 10, Office 365 and a number of mobile device management and security tools for businesses. But at this year’s Build conference, Microsoft is strongly emphasizing this new service and we’ll likely hear some subscriber numbers soon.