Here’s drone footage of what Disney’s Star Wars Land looks like right now

If you stand in juuuust the right spot in Disneyland — or if you turn your head at certain times on certain rides — you can get fleeting glimpses into Disney’s upcoming Star Wars Land (or “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge,” as it’s more officially known) as it’s being built. You can’t see a lot, of course; just enough to say “Yep, that’s some scaffolding alright.”

This just-released drone video, meanwhile, gives a much more satisfying view into the current state of the construction. It’s still largely scaffolding and foundation work at this point, but it gives you a wild sense of just how friggin’ big this park is going to be.

(If the video above isn’t working for some reason, you can find it here)

It’s fun to look back at the concept models they showed last year and try to match up the buildings to figure out what’s what. Which one is going to be that crazy hotel where each guest gets a storyline?

Galaxy’s Edge is currently scheduled to open sometime in 2019.