Rylo brings its cool little 360 camera to the world of Android

Rylo is a powerful little 360 camera that tries to keep its 360-degree features in the background most of the time; the real goal of the company is to rethink the camera so that you end up deciding how to frame the perfect photo or video after you’ve already grabbed the footage.

The startup’s camera has been iOS-only since it launched last year, but today the company’s app is arriving on the Play Store and Android users can start playing with one of the more innovative spherical cameras out there.

The company has been taking pre-orders for the Android compatible Rylo camera on its site, but it’s nearly identical aside from the different sync cables (micro-USB and USB-C as opposed to Lightning). The wait has been for the startup to get the app ready and up to par with what the team has built on iOS. The company says they began shipping out pre-orders of the Android version Rylo last week and that new orders will ship within 24 hours.

Despite the sleek look of the hardware, Rylo Inc. declaratively calls itself a software company.

The company’s mobile software suite is heavily focused not only viewing video¬†and photos but editing and “punching out” traditional frames from the 360 4K footage that is¬†captured. These aren’t static perspectives though, Rylo has some powerful but simple object tracking features that can give a lot more freedom and seem to require far less effort than competing software products like GoPro’s OverCapture feature for its Fusion camera.

Processing 360 videos has generally been a pretty intensive process but if you have a smartphone from the last couple years you should be fine, here’s a list of some of the Rylo-compatible devices.

The camera retails for $499 and is available here.