GV leads $25M investment in Hover, a computer vision startup that digitizes your home

As more and more startups aim to 3D-scan the world, the question of what consumers will actually care about enough to bring into the digital world is a tough one to answer. For most people, a home will be the biggest investment they make in their lives, so SF-based Hover is theorizing that’s the place to start.

Hover is a computer vision startup that allows consumers to easily create 3D models of their homes so they can easily deal with getting quotes from contractors on their next big project. The startup announced today that it has raised a $25 million Series B led by GV, Home Depot and Standard Industries. Hover has raised north of $56 million in funding to date.

Hover doesn’t rely on people buying any specialized hardware or learning the ins-and-outs of 3D scanning; users are simply prompted to snap some external shots of their home (no drone required) and feed the photos into Hover’s app, which uses its computer vision tech to digest and later spit out a 3D model of your home.

From there the benefits are twofold, giving you a cute little miniature model of your home that you can customize to take a look at what it might look like with new siding or windows, while Hover also connects you to contractors who now have access to accurate measurements that can help them more easily quote your project.

The company’s Hover Connect product basically focuses on getting contractors to evangelize the product by letting them reach out directly to leads and request that they set up a model. From there the contractors will be able to see whether the homeowners received the invites and how far along they are in the process.

You can download the app and make a free 3D model of your home here.