Google’s new G Suite security center gives admins a new perspective on their organization’s security

Google today launched a new tool for G Suite admins that gives them a better view of the state of their organization’s security. The new G Suite Security Center, which is only available to G Suite Enterprise users, features two main components. The first is a dashboard that gives admins an overview of current security metrics across services like Gmail (think incoming phishing emails), Google Drive and Mobile Management. The second main feature is a security health checkup that provides a quick overview of current security settings and recommendations for potential improvements.

Chad Tyler, Google’s product manager for Security Center, told me that the company wanted to bring all of the important security metrics that are currently spread across multiple products into a single service. In addition, the company also wanted to give admins a single view of recommendations for helping their users stay secure, based on what Google things are the best practices for securing an organization on G Suite.

At the heart of Security Center, though, is the dashboard, that lets admins quickly see what’s happening across their organization. From the dashboard, which Tyler says will come to include more services over time, admins can easily dig deeper to see which users are affected by a spike in phishing attempts, for example. The experience there, from what I have seen, isn’t unlike working with metrics in Google Analytics, for example.

Security Center is now rolling out globally to all G Suite Enterprise admins. The overall rollout should be fairly fast, so if you are a G Suite Enterprise admin, chances are it’s already available in your account.

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