DJI teases its latest device ahead of next week’s reveal

Seems DJI was keeping its powder dry last week at CES. The drone giant announced a pair of camera gimbals at the show, but the big news was still a couple of weeks away. The company has sent out invites for its next big announcement, set for January 23 in New York City.

The location could be a hint as far as what to expect here. In recent years, the company has preferred Los Angeles as the backdrop for its film-related announcements. New York, on the other hand, has been the setting for both the Mavic Pro and Spark consumer drone announcements.

The company’s also giddily leaking out various tidbits through social media, teasing a “big” announcement in quotes, and titling the event, “Adventure Unfolds,” which could well be a reference to the backpack-friendly nature of the last two big announcements. That’s all coupled with a hyperbolic video of aerial footage and some tiny glimpses of the hardware. 

The event announcement comes just a week after GoPro officially announced the end of its Karma drone program. That foldable drone was the result of an early partnership between GoPro and DJI that ultimately soured, leaving each party to develop their own folding drone. DJI’s Mavic Pro was initially delayed by shipping setbacks, but the product proved successful enough for the company to announce the smaller selfie-focused Spark drone in May.