DJI says it’s starting to ship its folding drone

Looks like DJI may beat GoPro’s ship date yet. After nearly a week of delay due to unspecified manufacturing reasons, the company’s eagerly anticipated folding photography drone looks to finally be heading out to early purchasers.

Three days after chalking the MIA Mavic Pro’s delay up to “amazingly strong global demand,” the company’s Global Director of Communication has issued another statement assuring customers that the quadcopter will finally start shipping out to purchasers starting today.

As we told you earlier this week, demand is heavy, and we are working round the clock to get the Mavic Pro in your hands. Please check online for updates on your order status.

DJI Mavic Pro

The device first captured the attention of the drone enthusiast community when it was unveiled at a press conference in New York last last month, promising a smaller build and better tracking capabilities than GoPro’s long awaited Karma. The company also announced an October 15 ship date at the time, beating GoPro’s by more than a week, in spite of being announced after the Karma.

Thus far, the company has issued a small number of devices to reviewers, but most of those who paid the $749+ have yet to receive the Mavic.