Tesla’s newest product is a mobile battery pack to charge your phone

Apparently announcing a new all-electric Semi truck and the fastest production car ever made all in one week wasn’t enough for Tesla. They also quietly launched a third “product”, and you don’t have to wait two years to buy it! It’s a mobile battery pack to charge your phone and other devices.

Aptly named the PowerBank, the external battery pack is shaped like the Tesla supercharger monument that is outside their main office in California.

In terms of function it has built-in USB, micro USB and lightning cable so you don’t have to use a separate cord when charging your device.

And the battery? It’s actually (sorta) the same one that powers Tesla cars. The company says the battery pack uses a single 18650 cell – which is the standard lithium-ion cell used in every Tesla made before the Model 3, when they decided to switch to a custom more efficient cell. Of course Tesla’s cars have thousands of these cells, while the mobile battery pack only has one.

In terms of capacity, the battery pack only has 3350mAh capacity, which can only charge most phones once and will be disappointing to those of us who live off big battery packs. And it’s output is 5V/1.5A, putting it pretty equal to every other battery pack out there (except the newer one that use Qualcomm’s quick charge technology). 

And the price? $45, which is actually a lot less than I’d expect Tesla to sell a battery pack for. Of course you can buy a generic one with the same exact specs for $9.99, but what’s the fun in that?

In all seriousness, this is a great present for a Tesla fan, but if you’re strictly looking for a great battery pack you should stick to less expensive and better performing brands like Anker.

Check out some more images of the battery pack below.

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