Quip raises $10 million for electric toothbrushes

There are venture-backed shoes, razors, and glasses. So why not, toothbrushes?

Quip has raised a $10 million round for its dental care business. Sherpa Capital, Blue Scorpion VC and Demi Lovato are amongst the investors who participated.

The New York-based startup is “a lot more than just an electric toothbrush,” said Simon Enever, founder and CEO. Quip is “looking to help fix or modernize the world of oral health.”

There are a few ways that Quip tries to differentiate itself. The toothbrushes start at just $25 and can be ordered on a subscription basis, which includes replacement heads and toothpaste.

Quip also touts its brushing guides, which explain the optimal technique. (Your dentist would be happy.) The company claims its product design will somehow motivate users to brush more often.

Shervin Pishevar, co-founder and managing director at Sherpa Capital, said that he invested because “oral care is a huge segment and Quip is thinking beyond the toothbrush.” He believes that “Quip is inspiring positive behaviors around one of the most important aspects of overall health and making dental care accessible to all.”

The startup plans to use the capital to invest in new products and build out its “Dental Connect” platform, which connects its subscribers with dental providers. Quip previously raised at least $2 million in funding.