You’ll be able to get the iPhone X at an Apple Store on launch day — if you get there early

Early reports have pointed to a shortage of iPhone X units at launch, but Apple issued a press release this morning assuring customers that the ultra-premium handset will, in fact, be available for walk-in customers on launch day.  Though they’re “encouraged to arrive early.” In other words, if you want one, line up.

That last bit seems to lend a bit of credence to the stories that the $1,000 and up phone will be in fairly short supply at launch. As we noted last week, the company is currently expected to have around two to three million units available for the November 3 launch date.

The X brings a virtually bezel-free display to the iPhone line, along with a beefed up camera that includes dual-optical image stabilization. Face ID has been introduced for the front-facing camera, bringing with it the ability unlock the phone with a look, and, of course, Animoji.

The shortage is being blamed on supply chain issues, as the phone’s new design has posed some unique manufacturing challenges. Of course, less impulsive shoppers are encouraged to pre-order the handset when it hits Apple’s site at 12:01AM PT this Friday.

The phone’s demand is likely to be tempered by a number of factors, including price and the company’s unusual decision to stagger releases this time out. The iPhone 8 has already been on the market for a month at this point, and has likely eaten into potential sales a bit, as the company has hammered out of the aforementioned production issues with the higher end device.

The iPhone X is hitting Apple Stores in limited quantity, which is probably the quickest way to get your hands on one, assuming your dad doesn’t work there, of course.