The iPhone X gets a cameo in a shopping vlog

Hey guys! While we all know shopping makes everything better did we also know that it’s great fun to drive down to Infinite Circle and hit Cafe Macs with your dad who can then proceed to show you his unreleased iPhone X? Well YouTuber Brooke Peterson thinks so!

In this four-minute video the prolific (and soon to be popular) vlogger hits Sephora then a Pilates Studio and then has some ‘za with her parents in Cupertino. Dad, who works at Apple and has not yet been fired as far as we can tell, whips out his iPhone X, a device that has not been officially release for review by anyone, let alone a video blogger with 100 subscribers.

To be completely fair the video is pretty good – a little Neistat-esque music here, a little sped up walking there – and Peterson looks like a nice lady. That said, I hope she didn’t get her dad fired.