Oculus sets $399 as official, official price for Rift and Touch bundle

Wow; well, after a year of the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch shifting from being $798 to $598 to $499 to $399 to $499, it will now indeed settle at $399 as the final bundled price.

That’s $399 in case you’re confused.

There aren’t any hardware updates to the headset or controllers; they’re the same devices they shipped as, now just half their initial launch price.

This headset deal makes the Oculus VR system the best deal in PC VR, undercutting the prices of Microsoft’s high-end VR partner headsets as well as HTC’s Vive headset. Oculus is showing off a much cheaper face to VR at today’s Oculus Connect 4 event.

“The best VR system at the best price. End of story,” said Facebook VR VP Hugo Barra.