How to watch the Oculus Connect 4 keynote live

Today, TechCrunch is down in San Jose, Calif. for the Oculus Connect 4 keynote, where Facebook’s troublesome VR company is expected to maybe introduce some new products and definitely wax poetic on the future of VR and why they’re sure it’s not dead.

This is year #4 for the conference and it’s the only one so far that hasn’t preceded an imminent hardware release. There very well could be a lot of surprises this morning and if you just can’t wait to read what’s happening you can watch the keynote live at the sources below starting at 10am PST today (before coming back to read all of our in-depth coverage of course).

Oculus Facebook Page

Oculus Twitch Page

Oculus YouTube Page

Yahoo Finance

Some of the things we’re ┬álistening for…

  • Is VR still relevant?
  • Will we see a new headset standalone prototype?
  • Will Mark Zuckerberg present onstage? Will he reference his Puerto Rico VR livestream snafu?
  • Will Oculus’s platform see any further integration with FB’s core product?
  • Will Oculus announce any new mobile partnerships?
  • Will we get any word on hardware unit sales for Rift?
  • Will Oculus announce a new fund for VR developers?
  • Will we get any hard metrics at all?
  • Will we see any collaboration between Oculus and Facebook on the Camera Effects platform?
  • Will we hear any reference to the $500M judgment in the ZeniMax lawsuit?
  • Will we get updates on the Oculus Avatars system?
  • Will we hear anything about the company’s AR headset efforts?

There’s sure to be lots of face computer nerdiness today so stay tuned.