Exhibit for free in Startup Alley at Disrupt Berlin 2017 — applications close Friday

Startup Alley at Disrupt Berlin 2017 is the premier exhibit hall for international cutting-edge tech startups. If you aspire to show your stuff alongside hundreds of other early-stage companies, you absolutely can — we’ll even tell you how you can do it for free. But you must act quickly, because you have only until October 13 to submit your application.

In case you need a quick refresher, TechCrunch organizes Startup Alley into featured pavilions — 10 categories representing technologies that generate lots of buzz and interest from startup fans, investors and media. Different companies exhibit each day — many of which are launching for the first time.

The featured pavilions at Disrupt Berlin include:

  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Blockchain/Cryptocurrency/Fintech
  • CRM/SaaS/Marketing
  • E-commerce & Retail
  • Foodtech
  • Hardware & IoT
  • Health & Biotech
  • Mobility & Transportation
  • Robotics
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality

We’re on the hunt for 30 outstanding startups that will each receive a free exhibit table in Startup Alley. With only three free tables for each pavilion, the competition is fierce. The only requirement: your company must be less than two years old and have raised less than $2.5 million. If that describes your early-stage startup, don’t let procrastination or paraskavedekatriaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th) keep you from reaping the benefits of exhibiting in Startup Alley.

Those benefits include the exposure that comes from pitching your company to thousands of attendees (think investors and media) from the TechCrunch Showcase Stage — in the heart of the Startup Alley exhibit floor. Who knows? Your company could earn the lion’s share of votes from the audience and TechCrunch editors and be chosen as the Wild Card winner, which means you get to compete in the Startup Battlefield.

If you think that sounds far-fetched, consider a startup called RecordGram. The company, a mobile recording studio for aspiring artists, won an exhibition table in Startup Alley at Disrupt NY 2017 and went on to score the Wild Card spot in Startup Battlefield. What’s more, RecordGram’s team presentation smoked the competition, won the Startup Battlefield and claimed the $50,000 grand prize. Not a bad ROI on a free demo table.

Disrupt Berlin takes place December 4-5, 2017 at Arena Berlin, Eichenstraße 412435. Don’t let Friday the 13th be the day your luck runs out. Apply here today for your free exhibit table in Startup Alley.