Mozilla funds open source projects with half a million in grants

Mozilla has announced the latest recipients of its Open Source Support grants, totaling $539,000. The web tech company regularly helps out smaller projects, and this round in particular favored ones aimed at safety and security.

First was $194K to Ushahidi, a platform used to rapidly collect and disseminate local information to people who may need it quickly: blocked streets in a disaster area, police actions or tear gas in a protest, or voter intimidation during elections.

RiseUp got $100K for its suite of secure communications tools aimed at activists. Webpack, a JavaScript module loader that’s part of the cross-browser WebAssembly format, got $125K. Phaser, an HTML5-based game engine, got $50K, and mod_md, part of a system designed to make HTTPS deployment easier, took home $70K.

The next phase of Mozilla’s Open Source Support plan is to focus on individual regions — starting with India. So you can expect another collection of fundings like this soon, but with an Indian twist.