Google Earth VR app gets support for Street View

Google Earth VR is getting a little update today that brings your views to street-level in the world-exploring virtual reality app.

The app is adding Street View into the app so that users can easily transition between 3D satellite views and 360 camera captures on the ground level.

It’s pretty easy to navigate the new feature, users can zoom into a location using the VR controllers and can pull up a lens to take a look directly into the 360 sphere. It doesn’t look like you’ll be able to do anything too crazy like walk around the photos, but this¬†update gets you a little closer to the action.

Users on Cardboard and Daydream have already been able to get some of these views in VR thanks to the Street View VR app, but Google Earth VR is available on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift currently. It’s a bit surprising the company has yet to release a pared down version for its own platform, but as the company prepares to add partners with headsets running on its new positional tracking system, we may see more robust apps like Earth VR get support.

In May, Google opened up the Street View API to partners like real estate visualization startup Matterport so that they could make 360 content they had already created viewable directly in Street View.