Uber HR tells employees that Khosrowshahi has been offered CEO role

The news broke Sunday that Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Expedia, has been offered the top job at Uber.

But it was unclear whether Khosrowshahi had accepted. Expedia Chairman Barry Diller said yesterday that he expected Khosrowshahi to take the job, but that it wasn’t finalized just yet.

And now JP Mangalindan from Yahoo Finance, our sister company, is reporting that Uber HR has told employees the offer is official. He said they’ve been told that the formal announcement was delayed because Expedia is a public company.¬†

Up until Sunday, Khosrowshahi’s candidacy for the job had gone completely under the radar; Jeff Immelt and Meg Whitman had highly publicized discussions with the Uber board.

But the board, which is dealing with lawsuits and other drama, apparently couldn’t agree on Immelt versus Whitman, so they went with Khosrowshahi. The news of his offer has been well-received by insiders and the public at large.

We talked all about this on our latest Equity podcast episode with¬†Menlo Ventures’ Matt Murphy, one of Uber’s largest shareholders.