Equity podcast: Uber grows against all odds, Amazon makes Whole Foods cheaper, WeWork raises $4.4B

Welcome back to Equity, our podcast for all things venture capital and tech business. I host along with Matthew Lynley and Alex Wilhelm, who was out-of-town (how dare he).

This week we were joined by Rob Coneybeer, who is co-founder and managing director at Shasta Ventures.

We talked about Uber (what else?!), which shared its growing financials, suggesting that people are still using the service, despite the drama. And Amazon’s deal with Whole Foods is coming to a close. You know what that means? Cheaper groceries!

Social Capital has a plan to help startups go public without the IPO. We asked Coneybeer whether he thinks this is a good idea. Oh, and SoftBank got its usual mention. The largest venture fund ever invested another $4.4 billion in WeWork.

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