Netflix’s new trailer for ‘The Punisher’ depicts a concrete killer


With the release of ‘The Defenders’ today, Netflix has also released a new trailer for ‘The Punisher,’ the spin-off focused on Daredevil villain/ally Frank Castle, portrayed by The Walking Dead’s Joe Bernthal. The trailer is only available via the streaming service right now, but it’s also showing up all over YouTube via third-parties.

The Punisher as played by Bernthal was a very well-received addition to the second season of ‘Daredevil,’ and fans are excited about the revenge-driven seeker of murderous justice getting his own standalone series. This will be the fifth Marvel series focused on a New York-based costumed crusader aired by Netflix.

We won’t have to wait too long to see ‘The Punisher,’ since it’s set to release sometime in 2017, but for now if you want a Marvel fix, go ahead and binge ‘The Defenders,’ and check out our first impressions of the show on TechCrunch’s Original Content.