Crowdfunded reMarkable e-paper tablet ships on August 29

The idea of using technology to replicate the simplicity and versatility of paper is an enduring one, but no device has nailed it just yet. That may change with the reMarkable, a unique and ambitious tablet that aims to do what paper does, but better. And four years after the concept was first proposed (although less than a year after crowdfunding), the team is finally shipping its first devices on August 29.

You could be forgiven for mistaking the reMarkable for one of these cryptogadgets that solicit some hype, make some promises, maybe load up on money and then disappear forever. But the team is dedicated and seems extremely interested in their own device, a surprisingly uncommon occurrence.

They’re still working on it, so the first recipients may have to exercise a little more patience. I’ll keep that in mind when I test it out, too. But the main thing, and the part the team has spent the most time on, is the feel and basic function. I’ll be able to report on that within a few minutes of unboxing.