Google’s new fashion-focused VR series takes you inside Kendall Jenner’s closet

Google’s latest virtual reality video series for Daydream is all about fashion and jumping into the closets of celebrities known for their bold choices in clothing.

Supermodel Closets, which Google is releasing in partnership with Vogue, drops you into the wardrobes of models like Cindy Crawford and Kendall Jenner to see what they wear and hear their perspectives on fashion.

Virtual reality companies have slowly been learning that just because you have a 360-degree camera, doesn’t mean the subject matter is interesting enough to use it. While visually dynamic environments like a protest or beautiful landscape may be a great place to step inside a 360 visual sphere, Google seems to have learned that people don’t really get anything out of watching an I/O keynote while wearing a VR headset.

The Supermodel Closets series utilizes Google’s newest class of Jump 360 camera which capture 4K stereoscopic images even in tight spaces like a closet.

This new series peering into model’s closets isn’t exactly going to be pulling in the Pulitzers, but it fulfills the broader mission of putting VR viewers in environments they couldn’t normally see with an emphasis on exploration. Few have mastered social sharing quite like the Kardashian/Jenner clan and have, more specifically, inspired such an obsession with how they choose what they wear. VR can offer a more immersive look into people’s lives, even ones we almost feel like we already know.