Equity podcast: Benchmark sues Kalanick, and what’s next for IPOs after Snap and Blue Apron’s very bad day

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s weekly venture-themed podcast where we dive into the numbers behind the noise.

Forget the summer lull, friends. This week was chock full of news that broke right up until the very last minute. Matthew Lynley was off this week, but Katie Roof and myself were incredibly lucky to have Kate Mitchell, co-founder and partner at Scale Venture Partners on hand to help us shift the weight.

Picking from among the various conflagrations, mistakes, and Softbank-led boondoggles deals, we dove into Blue Apron’s earnings report, which led to a steep decline in its market value. We then turned to Snap’s earnings report, which also led to a steep decline in its market value.

Following the two public companies’ sheepish reports, we moved on to the brand new Benchmark-Uber-Travis Kalanick lawsuit, which may deter the troubled ride-hailing company from finding a proper new CEO. That Travis wants to come back to the company appears correct. That the company’s investors don’t want that also seems correct. To the courts with Uber, then.

And, finally, we spent a few minutes digging into the JOBS Act, and the impact that opening private IPO filings to all firms might have on the pipeline of companies going public.

It was a big week, but Kate was nothing short of a smashing hit. Tune in, and we’ll be right back in seven days.

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