Nintendo launches Nintendo Switch Online app ahead of Splatoon 2 release

Nintendo just launched a new smartphone app called Nintendo Switch Online. It is a companion app for Nintendo’s latest console and it is now available on iOS and Android for free.

When Nintendo first introduced the Nintendo Switch, the company said that many of the social features for online multiplayer would work through a smartphone app. While it took a few months, the app is now available just a couple of days before the release of Splatoon 2.

With the Nintendo Switch Online app, you’ll be able to connect to your Nintendo account to view your Splatoon stats and see how you stack up against your friends. It’s also going to make it easier to buy optional clothing items for your in-game characters.

More importantly, the app lets you invite your friends and create groups. If they have the app, they’ll receive a notification. But if your friends don’t really like installing new apps, you’ll also be able to send a message on WhatsApp, Messenger, LINE and more.

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t support voice chat by default. That’s why you’ll be able to use the app to chat with your friends while playing. It’s not as seamless as enabling voice chat in your game, but it’s also a flexible solution, as you’ll be able to use Bluetooth headphones — the Nintendo Switch doesn’t currently support Bluetooth headphones.

The online features for the Nintendo Switch are currently free. The company plans to charge $20 per year to access multiplayer modes and download classic games starting next year.

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