This FlyTrex drone can deliver beer (and anything else under 6lbs)

A future in which drones deliver our goods is not far off.

Giants like Amazon are working on drone delivery, and once regulatory hurdles are overcome, the rest of the market will want to compete.

That’s where FlyTrex comes in.

We visited the company, based in Tel Aviv, which is an end-to-end product that offers hardware and software so businesses can deliver their goods via drone.

The FlyTrex Mule, an octocopter about the size of a mini fridge, is able to carry up to ~6 lbs, which is the equivalent of about four Chipotle burritos. It can fly for a distance of around 14 miles at a speed of about 45mph.

In other words, getting food delivered via Seamless or Postmates could be an entirely different experience in the next few years. And it’s not just food. CEO and cofounder Yariv Bash says that the vast majority of the packages that Amazon delivers (more than 80 percent) weigh less than six pounds.

To be as efficient as possible, FlyTrex doesn’t land the drone, but rather delivers goods within a bag tied to a cord. When the Mule arrives at the desired destination — FlyTrex is targeting private homes — the drone will release the bag via the cord down to the ground and the cord will automatically release.

The drone flies away and you’re left with a four-pack of beer (in my case).

The FlyTrex model charges businesses for take-off and on a per-meter basis, but businesses can control their drone deliveries through the FlyTrex API.

Though FlyTrex hasn’t announced the full details of the project, the company is working on a deal with a postal agency to start delivering packages within the next year in an unknown ‘urban environment.’

We’re living in the future, people.