Highspot raises $15 million to perfect your sales pitch

Salespeople have a lot of things to sell and the latest technology can help them sell even more.

Do you think you have the perfect pitch? Highspot will tell you if you’re wrong. Or at least that’s their pitch.

Highspot’s software analyzes various communications with prospective clients, including presentations, case studies and training videos. Then it provides data about their effectiveness.

If these insights lead to more sales, then it could be a big revenue opportunity for many companies. That’s why venture investors are betting another $15 million that Highspot will be a big business.

The Series B round was led by Shasta Ventures, with participation from Salesforce Ventures and Madrona Venture Group. Highspot also raised about $10 million in a Series A back in 2014.

“Highspot delivers the value of AI and machine learning to the sales enablement software market,” said Doug Pepper, Managing Director at Shasta Ventures. The startup has the “product, the team and the customer validation to solve a problem that’s plagued sales reps for years – getting the right content at the right time to help close customers.”

CEO Robert Wahbe told TechCrunch that Highspot ensures that “the salesperson has the right information in their head and they have the right content to present to the customer.” So far, they’ve convinced 100 small business and enterprise customers to pay a monthly subscription. 

He said he doesn’t view Highspot as a competitor to all the CRM software out there, but that it “complements” it. He expects his customers to use this in tandem with products from Salesforce.

The team is based in Seattle, which Wahbe describes as “really kind of a boom town right now.” He described the startup scene as “vibrant.”

When asked about long-term prospects for the company, he was coy about acquisition possibilities. “I would love for us to build a public company,” said Wahbe.