Netflix’s Hastings: Trump’s immigration ban is ‘anti-American’

Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings doubled down on statement’s he’s made about Trump’s immigration policy when he took the stage at Code Con on Wednesday.

“It’s anti-American to block out specific countries and all the people,” Hastings said, still frustrated with Trump’s proposal that has been nicknamed the “Muslim ban.”

Netflix was one of the first of many tech companies to speak up. Hastings said he wasn’t worried about taking a stand. “I thought it was a wrong-headed policy and we were willing to talk about it.”

He wasn’t afraid about of alienating some of the Trump supporters in his customer base. “We see it as taking on the policy, not the president,” he said.

He claims there wasn’t enough of a backlash to hurt Netflix’s business. “There’s nothing that we noticed in the numbers or anything.”

Hastings also talked about net neutrality, a topic that he’s less concerned about than he used to be.

“It’s not our primary battle at this point,” he said about Netflix’s business strength. “We’re big enough to get the deals we want.”

But he still believes the concept is “important for society, important for innovation, important for entrepreneurs.” Unfortunately, he believes that “Trump’s FCC is going to unwind the rules no matter what anybody says.”

Hastings also talked about the long-term vision for Netflix, which he hopes will be the video equivalent of Google’s “I’m feeling lucky.” He wants people to turn on Netflix and the content they’re shown is “the right thing.”

Hastings discussed their mission for movies. “We want films that everybody wants to watch that become cultural moments,” he said.

But while they’re trying to monetize new business streams, consumers shouldn’t worry that advertisements will show up someday. “We’re really committed to an ad-free experience,” said Hastings.