Watch DJI reveal its new drone right here

DJI is promising “something huge” at this morning’s “Seize the Moment” event in New York City. More than likely, that big thing will come in a small package. The often secretive drone company has apparently been leaking like crazy ahead of today’s big reveal, and we’ve gotten more than few looks at the rumored Spark drone, which is set to make the recently released Mavic massive by comparison.

The company hasn’t made anything official, but earlier this week, it did issue a video teaser that hinted at a device more focused on photos and videos than racing, as was suspected by some following the initial leaks.

The company has also registered the Spark name, lending some credence to that aspect of the rumor. Knowing DJI, it will also have a number of other goodies up its sleeve. At the Mavic event back in September, it also showed off its first-person video goggles, which, at the very least, ought to be getting more face time here.

We’ll have a team on the ground in NYC, posting news and videos from the event. But for those who’d like to watch whole thing unfold live, fixed propellers and all, DJI will be streaming the event for all to see, starting at 11:30AM ET/8:30AM PT.